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- in real time.

It’s unique. It’s simple. And it’s empowering.

Let’s turn data into value.

BLOCKYARD™ provides a central, consistent source of information for cattle buyers and sellers, which can help you:
  • Transfer or access vaccination and management history
  • Determine parentage and future production potential to inform replacement selection decisions
  • Communicate genetic merit for feedlot and carcass traits
  • Access downstream feedlot and carcass performance information
  • Streamline participation in value-added programs
  • Increase potential revenue when selling cattle by showcasing added value and investment
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  • Help unlock your calves' market values by providing transparency on animal history and predicted and expressed performance.
  • Use genomic data to select the best heifers for breeding and share results with potential buyers.
  • Allow access to a larger market of potential buyers.


  • Use health and genomic information to buy with confidence.
  • Inform breakevens to help operators buy calves with more profit potential.
  • Readily identify calves’ eligibility for branded beef programs.


  • Expand reach to more eligible cattle.
  • Use data to tell each animal's unique story.
  • Simplify and automate approval processes.

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